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  • The book with no picturesThe book with no pictures

    Novak, B. J., 1979-

    "In this book with no pictures, the reader has to say every silly word, no matter what"--Provided by publisher.

  • Creepy pair of underwear!Creepy pair of underwear!

    Reynolds, Aaron, 1970-, author.

    "A young rabbit is frightened by his underwear"--

  • Ice cream & dinosaursIce cream & dinosaurs

    Litwin, Eric, author.

    Groovy Joe is a fun-loving dog with a tub full of ice cream--which he shares with his unexpected dinosaur guests.

  • We are growing!We are growing!

    Keller, Laurie.

    "Walt is not the tallest or the curliest or the pointiest or even the crunchiest. A confounded blade of grass searchesfor his 'est' in this ... story about growing up"--Provided by publisher.

  • Pete the cat and the cool cat boogiePete the cat and the cool cat boogie

    Dean, Kim, 1969-, author, illustrator.

    Pete the Cat is learning a new dance -- the Cool Cat Boogie! When he hears a groovy beat, he's full of happy feet. But when Grumpy toad tells him, "Pete, you dance all wrong!" Pete is determined to become a better dancer. With the help of his friends and some wise words from Owl, Pete learns that he's the grooviest when he's being himself.

  • Happy Pig Day!Happy Pig Day!

    Willems, Mo.

    Piggie celebrates her favorite day of the year, but Gerald the elephant is sad, thinking that he cannot join the fun.

  • Ruby and the magic gardenRuby and the magic garden

    Meister, Cari, author.

    Fairy Hill's magic garden has lost its sparkle, and three young fairies, Ruby, May, and Luna, try everything to restore its magic--but nothing works until Ruby discovers what is blocking the magic, and earns her wings.

  • Stanley, flat againStanley, flat again

    Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003.

    After Stanley Lambchop goes flat once again, he uses his flatness to help win a sailboat race and to rescue a classmate from a collapsed building.

  • April Fool's DayApril Fool's Day

    Keene, Carolyn.

    Nancy, George, and Bess have been invited to an April Fool's Day party at their new schoolmate's house, with each guest bringing a gag to the party and the best prank winning a special prize. When two of the guests' fancy new electronics go missing, Nancy knows it's no joke, and the Clue Crew are on the case to find the missing gadgets.

  • Cam Jansen and the green school mysteryCam Jansen and the green school mystery

    Adler, David A.

    On Green Day, Cam and her classmates discuss ways to protect the environment, but when money collected for the school's new skylights disappears, Cam uses her photographic memory to solve the mystery.

  • Ski school sneakSki school sneak

    Keene, Carolyn.

    Nancy, George and Bess are on a ski trip! They are having tons of fun, and Bess proves a natural for the slopes. She even wins a special award! But when the ski supply room is suddenly trashed, all eyes to Bess. It looks like she's a suspect this time around. Nancy is sure Bess is innocent, but how can she prove it? And just when it seems things can't get any worse, a snowstorm closes the road home. The Clue Crew is trapped at the ski lodge! Can Nancy find a way to clear Bess's name..and will they ever get home?.

  • Horrible Harry and the triple revengeHorrible Harry and the triple revenge

    Kline, Suzy.

    When Sid, his annoying third-grade classmate, ruins Song Lee's origami praying mantis, Horrible Harry plots triple revenge on the troublemaker.

  • Horrible Harry and the dead lettersHorrible Harry and the dead letters

    Kline, Suzy.

    Harry and Doug investigate when special bookmarks begin to disappear while their class is busy studying poetry and running their own post office.

  • Stanley's Christmas adventureStanley's Christmas adventure

    Brown, Jeff.

  • Don't sit on my lunch!Don't sit on my lunch!

    Klein, Abby.

    When first-grader Freddy decides to try out for peewee hockey, his archenemy and school bully Max decides to also try out for the one slot left on the team.

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Popular Titles

  • Return of the djinnReturn of the djinn

    Howard, Kate.

    "It's a peaceful time on Ninjago Island. The ninja have defeated the Preeminent and destroyed the Cursed Realm. Now Cole, Jay, Kai, Zane, Lloyd, and Nya are famous throughout the land, and they're enjoying a little time off. Enter Nadakhan the djinn, a famous pirate and genie. He's back in Ninjago, and he's got big plans for the "Destiny's Bounty," his old ship--and for the ninja. Can they stop him before he tears their group apart for good?"--Back cover.

  • Fly Guy's ninja ChristmasFly Guy's ninja Christmas

    Arnold, Tedd.

    It is Christmas Eve and Fly Guy realizes that he does not have a present to give to his best friend Buzz--but when he looks around the house searching for something suitable he discovers a stranger in a red suit, and decides to attack with some ninja moves.

  • The duckling gets a cookie!?The duckling gets a cookie!?

    Willems, Mo.

    Pigeon is very angry when the duckling gets a cookie just by asking politely.

  • Press herePress here

    Tullet, Hervé.

    Instructs the reader on how to interact with the illustrations to manipulate yellow, blue, and red dots.

  • NASCAR fan experienceNASCAR fan experience

    Doeden, Matt.

    Describes what NASCAR fans can experience at live racing events, including before, during, and after the race.

  • Dogs and CatsDogs and Cats

    Jenkins, Steve, 1952-

    Two related works, one about dogs with some comparisons to cats and one about cats with some comparisons to dogs.

  • Happy haunting, Amelia BedeliaHappy haunting, Amelia Bedelia

    Parish, Herman.

    Amelia Bedelia tries to help Mr. and Mrs. Rogers with their Halloween party.

  • The three little witches storybookThe three little witches storybook

    Adams, Georgie.

    Zoe, Zara, and Ziggy have a series of adventures while arranging a midnight Halloween party, featuring acro-bats, beetleburgers, and a few surprises, for all of their friends in the Magic Wood.

  • More pies!More pies!

    Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

    Samuel wakes up really hungry and, unable to get enough to eat at home, he goes to a pie eating contest where he finally gets his fill.

  • Teeny tiny tingly talesTeeny tiny tingly tales

    Van Laan, Nancy.

    Presents three rhyming stories featuring a stingy and mean old doctor, a disembodied head, a missing hairy toe, and other scary things.

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