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New in Library

  • Tyrannosaurus rexTyrannosaurus rex

    Lennie, Charles.

    Color photographs and simple text provide information about the Tyrannosaurus rex.

  • My little book of dinosaursMy little book of dinosaurs

    Dixon, Dougal.

    Contains facts about dinosaurs.

  • The doghouseThe doghouse

    Thomas, Jan, 1958-

    Cow, Pig, Duck, and Mouse are afraid to retrieve their ball when it goes into the dog's house, but when they do go in they are pleasantly surprised.

  • Full of fallFull of fall

    Sayre, April Pulley.

    "Simple text and photographs explore the science behind the transformation that trees undergo in the fall"--OCLC.

  • Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the Jurassic Jackrabbits from JupiterRicky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the Jurassic Jackrabbits from Jupiter : the fifth robot adventure novel

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-

    General Jackrabbit and his Robo-Rabbits from Jupiter attempt to take over the world on Ricky Ricotta's birthday.

  • Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the naughty nightcrawlers from NeptuneRicky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the naughty nightcrawlers from Neptune

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author.

    By flipping the pages, the reader may view animated illustrations that follow Ricky Ricotta, a small mouse, his giant flying robot, and his annoying cousin Lucy, as they battle the nightcrawlers from Neptune that are invading through a wormhole.

  • What will Fat Cat sit on?What will Fat Cat sit on?

    Thomas, Jan, 1958-

    A group of animals is terrified at the prospect of being sat upon by the imposing Fat Cat, until the mouse comes up with a solution that satisfies everyone.

  • StegosaurusStegosaurus

    Lennie, Charles.

    Color photographs and simple text provide information about the Stegosaurus.

  • American shorthair catsAmerican shorthair cats

    Hansen, Grace.

    A photo-illustrated book for early readers about American Shorthair cats.

  • Click, clack, mooClick, clack, moo : cows that type

    Cronin, Doreen.

    When Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter in the barn they start making demands, and go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.

  • The cookie fiascoThe cookie fiasco

    Santat, Dan.

    "There are only three cookies and four hungry friends to share them with. This is not good. This is not equal!"--Provided by publisher.

  • Cuddly catsCuddly cats

    Hanson, Anders, 1980-

    Describes the different ways in which children care for their pet cats, and features a brief story about Colin's adventures with his curious calico.

  • Dandy dogsDandy dogs

    Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth, 1968-

    Describes the different ways in which children care for dogs as pets, and features a brief story about Mark's adventures with his dog Lark at the park.

  • Diary of a spiderDiary of a spider

    Cronin, Doreen.

    A young spider discovers, day by day, that there is a lot to learn about being a spider, including how to spin webs and avoid vacuum cleaners.

  • Dragon was terribleDragon was terrible

    DiPucchio, Kelly.

    When a dragon has a temper tantrum, no one can tame him, except for a little boy with a good book.

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Popular Titles

  • Creepy pair of underwear!Creepy pair of underwear!

    Reynolds, Aaron, 1970-, author.

    "A young rabbit is frightened by his underwear"--

  • The thank you bookThe thank you book

    Willems, Mo.

    "Piggie is determined to thank everyone she knows, but Gerald thinks she will forget someone important"--Provided by publisher.

  • FrozenFrozen : the enchanted guide

    Ferris, Julie.

    A guide to the characters, places, and plot points of the Disney film "Frozen."

  • My new friend is so fun!My new friend is so fun!

    Willems, Mo.

    Gerald the elephant and Snake fear that Piggie and Brian Bat will have so much fun together they will no longer need their best friends.

  • FrozenFrozen

    Scollon, Bill.

    When queen Elsa puts an icy spell on her kingdom and runs away, it is up to her sister Princess Anna to find her and save their kingdom.

  • I'm a frog!I'm a frog!

    Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.

    Piggie introduces her reluctant friend, Gerald the elephant, to the wonderful world of pretend.

  • The day the crayons quitThe day the crayons quit

    Daywalt, Drew.

    When Duncan arrives at school one morning, he finds a stack of letters, one from each of his crayons, complaining about how he uses them.

  • Let's go for a drive!Let's go for a drive!

    Willems, Mo.

    Elephant Gerald and Piggie want to go for a drive, but as Gerald thinks of one thing after another that they will have to take along, they come to realize that they lack the most important thing of all.

  • Extra yarnExtra yarn

    Barnett, Mac.

    With a supply of yarn that never runs out, Annabelle knits for everyone and everything in town until an evil archduke decides he wants the yarn for himself.

  • The astonishing secret of Awesome ManThe astonishing secret of Awesome Man

    Chabon, Michael.

    A young superhero describes his awesome powers, which he then demonstrates as various foes arrive on the scene.

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