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Primary Sources: Documents in U.S. History

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Primary Sources: Documents in U.S. History

Upper Saddle River , New Jersey 07458, 2009 : Pearson Education, Inc.

367 pages.

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Primary sources in U.S. History.

Donated by: Sue McNally.



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Field Ind Subfield Data
001 Control No     57356
005 LastTransaction     20171005110344.0
020 ISBN   $a ISBN  9778-0-13-605198-5
245 Title $a Title  Primary Sources: Documents in U.S. History.
260 PublicationInfo   $a Place of publication, dist.  Upper Saddle River , New Jersey 07458,
    $c Date of publication, dist, etc  2009 :
    $b Name of publisher, dist, etc  Pearson Education, Inc.
300 Physical Desc   $a Extent  367 pages.
520 Summary   $a Summary, etc. note  Primary sources in U.S. History.
541 Acq Source Note   $a Source of acquisition  Sue McNally.
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  Meeting of Three Cultures-Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus
    $x General subdivision  Forging a Constitution-Henry Knox, Molly Wallace
    $x General subdivision  Reforming the Nation-Horace Mann, Lowell Mill Girls
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  Colonizing the New World-JOhn White, George Alsop
    $x General subdivision  The Federalist Era-James Madison,William Maclay
    $x General subdivision  Manifest Destiny-Thomas Corwin, Catherine Sager Pringle
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  Colonial America 1600-1700-Olaudah Equino,Nathaniel Bacon
    $x General subdivision  Jefferson and the Republic-Fisher Ames, Davy Crockett
    $x General subdivision  Antebellum South-Nat Turner, Geirge Fitzhugh
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  Prelude to Revolution-Benjamin Franklin, John Andrews
    $x General subdivision  Economic and Social Change-Henry Clay, The Harbinger
    $x General subdivision  The Sectional Crisis-Harriet Beecher Stowe, Frederick Douglas
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  The American Revolution-James Otis, Joseph Warren
    $x General subdivision  Jacksonian Democracy-Black Hawk, Joseph Smith
    $x General subdivision  The Civil War and Reconstruction-Clara Barton, Susie King Taylor.
852 Holdings   $a Location  MHS
    $h Classification part  973 PRI
    $p Barcode  31765006890686
    $9 Cost  $45.80

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